Story - Cherish Spirits Lounge - nightlife in luxury™
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Cherish Spirits Lounge, created by restaurateur Bart DeLorenzo, is about the love of delivering memorable social experiences in a nightlife setting.

About Cherish

A grand destination to experience unmistakable luxury within beautiful surroundings. Unexpected hints of flaming red capture focus while indulgent rich walnut walls and ceilings embrace you and create a sense of balance. Sensual beats transform the lounge, where anything can unfold. The vibe involves dropping illusion and seeing things created by your own thoughts. The immersive experience allows you to be relaxed and not worrying about things you cannot change. A total state of Eyes, Body, Mind & Spirits.

Welcome to a comprehensive offering of rare and distinctive Premium Spirits selection, paired with cleverly crafted food, all in an environment that is comfortable, fun and reflective. Come indulge in a hip chic lounge with an elevated service twist of key featured items hand-made and served tableside.

Cherish Spirits Lounge, created by restaurateur Bart DeLorenzo, is about the love of delivering memorable social experiences in a nightlife setting. He specializes in excellence in service, mixology, entertainment and creatively crafted delicious sharing menu, all combined with the technology of the nightlife culture. Cherish will combine two pillars of hospitality to create the demand: VIP elevated service and quality of all offerings at the highest level.

History of Cherish

With a dream that has come to fruition, Bart DeLorenzo has been working his whole life to create Cherish Spirits Lounge.

With a love for Denver and Cherry Creek North, DeLorenzo saw the perfect opportunity to perfect Cherish Spirits Lounge in the neighborhood he loves. He chose the name ‘Cherish Spirits Lounge’ because of his experience of recently losing his precious little brother Dean and realizing how important it is to CHERISH every single moment in life. DeLorenzo has a ‘hands on’ in all aspects of Cherish Spirits Lounge, including a culture of approachability and excellence.

Past business ventures have prepared Bart DeLorenzo to bring success to Cherish Spirits Lounge. DeLorenzo worked for many years with internationally renowned chef Richard Sandoval in the development, design and project management of over 50 restaurants across the world. DeLorenzo has opened two world-renowned restaurant/night clubs; development, design and project management for over 55 food/beverage/nightlife concepts; and management and production of national bands and music events.

Kirk Turner is also an owner at Cherish Spirits Lounge and is a seasoned business professional with over 28 years of small business development and leadership success. Mr. Turner and Mr. DeLorenzo have collaborated on business projects over those 28 years.

With a track record of vision, award-winning design, creativity and results, Mr. DeLorenzo has the experience and background to successfully operate the most unique, nightlife in luxury™ setting in Denver.

About Bart

Bart DeLorenzo is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of vision, creativity, and results. Mr. DeLorenzo holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Executive MBA Program at the University of Denver with an emphasis in International Business.

He obtained a degree from Video Associates & Film Institute of New York and has held memberships to the Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television & Radio Association and Equity unions. Mr. DeLorenzo has written treatments for several motion pictures and television shows which have been submitted to the Screen Writers Guild and top executive producers in Hollywood for consideration.